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Whisky Smoked Salmon

Hot Whisky Smoked Salmon

Our Hot Whisky Smoked Salmon spends 24 hours curing in a mixture of rock salt and demerara sugar. Once cured, the salmon is moved to the smoker where it is gently smoked over ground down whisky casks at a high temperature. The result is glorious - a flaky, soft texture full of flavour.

Cold Whisky Smoked Salmon

Cured for 24 hours in a blend of rock salt and brown sugar, our Cold Whisky Smoked Salmon then spends 14-16 hours being gently smoked over ground down whisky casks. The salmon is smoked at room temperature, hence the ‘cold smoked’ name. Once smoked, we hand slice and package it. The salmon is velvety smooth, almost buttery in taste.

Glenmorangie Infused Whisky Smoked Salmon

We produce our Glenmorangie Infused Whisky Smoked Salmon the same way as the cold smoked. Once cured, smoked and sliced we add a generous amount of the Glenmorangie whisky. The end result is a wonderful blend of smoked salmon with a strong whisky infusion.

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