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The Founders

Scotland is home. It's where we both grew up, and the warm Highland way of life is the constant inspiration for Mac & Wild.

In the Highlands, most folk are closely connected to the land and the produce we gather from it. Perhaps that's why many traditional farming practices have blessedly been preserved. You won't find industrialised animal practices here - animals are reared the 'right' way - on open pastures, with natural feed and without the use of any chemical nasties. 

Growing up as the son of a Highland game butcher and now dads ourselves to growing broods of little ones, we're all the more aware of what we feed our families, and increasingly look back to home when sourcing the honest, good meats we believe in. The Highland pace of life is slower than many of us know. Doors are always open, there is always a hearty pot of something on the stove and guests often stay far longer than anyone intended - often until the whisky cabinet is dry. We like it this way and it is this magic blend of openness, honesty, integrity and good times that we try to emulate at Mac & Wild. We call it extreme traceability - what that means is we can tell you the farms, estates, farmers, hunters and butchers who contributed to bringing our delicious meat and produce to your table. 

We welcome you to immerse yourself in authentic Highland hospitality.

Calum & Andy

Our Journey To Better Meat

1982: Andy and Calum were wee babies crawling around the Highland hills and the stormy shores of Aberdeen.

2006: Calum opened his first bar, Amicus Apple in Edinburgh with a second opening in Aberdeen in 2010 along with Nightclub brand NOX.

2011: Unsure what he was going to do having left University, Andy headed South in a clapped out old van with a fridge loaded with his Dad’s Highland venison on board. Loose plan being…it tastes bloody great, let’s sell and cook it on the streets of London! Under the alias ‘Wild Game Co.’ the plan took shape at Whitecross Market - come rain or shine, Londoners got a taste for the wild stuff and a following began.

2012: Wild Game Co. awarded best street food trader and young British foodies street food trader of the year.

2014: After a brief stint working together for Pussy energy drink, Calum and Andy united over their passion for their homeland, her warm hospitality and brilliant produce. Wild Game Co. opened a bustling pop-up restaurant on Charlotte Street in Fitzrovia, London.

2015: The first Mac & Wild restaurant on Great Titchfield Street opened its doors.

2016: Mac & Wild Devonshire Square opened in a much larger site, bringing game and whisky galore to the city of London.

2016: The brands by then signature dish, The Venimoo Burger voted “best burger in the UK’ at the national burger awards.

2018: Home-coming: A long awaited return to Highland roots, The Mac & Wild Base Camp opened at the Falls of Shin, just 4 miles from Andy’s family butcher business, Ardgay Game where the majority of produce comes from. Wild accommodation, monthly supper clubs and restaurant/café space offer an authentic taste of Mac & Wild’s inspiration.

2019: In-restaurant Butcher Counters: In response to customer demand for great quality meat to take home, butcher counters launched in both London restaurants.

2020: Online Butcher delivering nationwide

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Off-Road Highland Adventure

Mac & Wild is a manifestation of our personal beliefs and the way we like to live. We refer to the journey as our Off-Road Highland adventure - passionately raising awareness, providing access to and supporting small scale producers from the north of Scotland whilst always looking for the adventure spirit in the every day. There is nothing we enjoy more than loading up the Land Rover and heading into the hills with the kids, kayaks and some supplies for a few nights adventure - map in hand but no route marked of course.

If an elaborate trip isn't feasible, simply waking up and preparing your 4-year-old's peanut butter toast on the camp fire in the front garden because he fancied it isn't a bad runner up!

We passionately believe that with very little effort, we can and should all be eating better meat in our daily lives. From the brands we buy and support to the choices we make in planning a day with the kids, inspiration is all around us and we hope to instill this same love of internal adventure in our little ones!

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